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In the beginning was a joke that Mr. Wilson publicdisgrace was openly their feelings to my wife in front of other colleagues and even my wife laughed when she told me about him, which is approximately the same age or only a few years older my wife Jessica and unmarried and lived with his mother. I have never stayed, in fact I publicdisgrace never even realized that my wife had started their dress, skirts instead of pants in turn, is only now, in retrospect, I can see. We seemed publicdisgrace to be irritating each other, no matter what I did, was never properly and she was never home, always at work or friends at home and I was unhappy and sometimes I know it sounds horrible, but I had begun the class and they do not like and begin to wonder if he ever really new, in fact my wife. All came to light when he went to the usual boring meeting with Mr. Wilson 's house mothers, there was a large house surrounded by beautiful gardens. All the big wigs patting each other on the back for ajif well done, although it was the workers who had actually done the job, but I get bored and decided to drive home and looked at Jessica, but are nowhere was then Mary goes, I opened the porch, I went a was the porch, only publicdisgrace to discover that there is someone there, I looked and saw two people sitting on the bench near the roses, I'm sure it was Jessica, and much to see Mr. Wilson, seemed to laugh and to play, I thought I saw Mr. Wilson Jessica momentum away and then laugh. I looked around to find out in the garden and then jumped over the railing and the garden, which was bigger than I thought at first, and when the shot crashed and knee to the jaw, God, it hurts and I stayed until the pain was gone, rubbed my jaw and it was fine, just bruised, how stupid it was, but at least nobody saw me. I looked through the flower beds in the seat, but could not see Jessica, sowalked across the lawn directly in the garden room where he had been. As I approached I saw that they were still in the seat and was lying arrived, I was immediately suspicious at first, but now I have something new was happening and ran to the left of the entire publicdisgrace lawn, and slightly behind a large shrubby plant and saw him, I here could laugh and Jessica when she sat down, opened her blouse and all I could see the white flesh of her breasts exposed. I have seen and saw no one, so I calmly walked around the large bushes and then a tree that was a little further, but had a better view. I was sure that Mr. Wilson felt his publicdisgrace chest, but someone yelled and screamed at the house they saw and made me jump, I quickly pulled up her blouse and both saw Jessica 's house, must have thought so, as Mr. Wilson Jessica now moved off her blouse and her tits. She had large breasts, so it was not hard to see, I felInside T ill and wanted to scream, but I have not, but I froze. I stood there and watched my stomach turn and my hands were shaking. Jessica sat in front of Mr. Wilson, and stood in front of Jess and looking over your head to the house, I could see his pants and underwear publicdisgrace were found around his ankles and, as Jess, his penis in her mouth and gave him a blow job in a few minutes I saw him lift his head and think it must ejaculate before I could here him moan with pleasure and then I lost it and ran as fast as I could with it, and before he was removed the penis, I was there with them and called Jessica, 'bitch ' 'You fucking cow ', and ' you son of a bitch,' I met him in the face. Mr. Wilson tried to flee, but fell, tripping over his own pants and was Jess, fumbling, and grabbed her clothes when I turned around and walked toward the house, which was three times, my legs felt like jelly. Jess continued to mourn and askstop me and the next thing I heard was Wilson's mother began to mourn for me, ' what is going on,' I yelled back and ' ask your child, ' to leave, I heard her publicdisgrace mother say : ' Oh, Greg not again ', publicdisgrace ' were not problems between Peter and his wife have the ' the next morning I found a note from the mother asked Wilson if there is any way I can, but behind us, after all, Jessica also played an important role. Greg publicdisgrace is going on a long vacation and have no malice bare to punch him in the face and he is sincerely sorry for what happened, Peter, is a man, and if his wife Jessica flirted with him and he publicdisgrace did realized that sex was on offer, it was impossible to say no. He regrets it now and hopefully we can reach some agreement, and all behind us, the same Peter takes a couple of weeks before a decision is made and before you do, you come and visit me, let's talk .
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